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Welcome to The Crystal Gallery Shop Online. Owners Rodney & Maria have a great passion for the Mineral Kingdom, as well as spiritual growth work. They are both committed to stocking and selecting the finest of Crystals & Minerals for The Crystal Gallery.

Maria has been attracted to & interested in the Metaphysical healing properties of the Mineral Kingdom for the past 19 years. Each stone has a specific energy to help cope with life, whether it be at home, work or relationship.  

Maria is also a qualified meditation teacher and is committed and dedicated to her own daily meditation practises.

Rodney has been collecting crystals for many years, but says his passion took on a whole new dimension when he met Maria. Since we have been together, we have collected special & unique pieces that inspire the both of us.

One of the reasons I find owning The Crystal Gallery a joy, is that I get to enjoy those Gemstones on many levels. Rodney explains "I also love to be part of that time when a customer finds the piece that is right for them. They radiate with a sense of admiration & love of their new discovery".

The Crystal Gallery is a blessing to the both of us, as it gives us a chance to do what we love, connect to crystals and people, whilst assisting others on their path of growth.

Thank you for visiting our website.



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